Vi leverer alle typer byggeprosjekt fra start til ferdig produkt.


Gert Gill AS har en bred tverrfaglig kompetanse innen de tekniske og byggetekniske fag. I tett samarbeid med våre leverandører, sørger vi for helhetlige løsninger som tar hensyn til utfordringer innen de ulike fag. Vi setter fokus på ivaretakelse av miljøvennlige, fysiske- og sosialt bærekraftige løsninger gjennom hele prosjektgjennomføringen.

Teknisk forvaltning og drift

Vi leverer produkter og tjenester knyttet til forvaltning, drift/service og vedlikehold.

We are a company engaged in project development and construction management in all types of projects from small to large scale office remodeling, remodeling of retail space, restaurants, workshops and new buildings. We have a lot of experience with upgrading and modernizing office spaces where the emphasis is placed on digitalization and an activity based office landscape which is tailored for alternative work forms.

We have specialized expertise for designing/planning and building of control rooms for operation of offshore installations, onshore drilling operations, advanced simulator rooms, data rooms/halls and emergency control rooms. Solutions for redundancy requirements of technical backup systems are designed by us according to TIER III or other requirements. As a reference we can mention the establishment of Martin Linge OCC Total, Valhall OCC BP, Yme OCC (3 sites) Repsol, 4 sites OCC Aker BP, Drilling Operation Centre Aker BP, Emergency Control Centre Aker BP, Digitalization Centre Aker BP, Emergency Control Centre Repsol, Drilling Simulator Maersk Drilling and Drilling Simulator Aker BP. Feel free to contact us for an inspection/presentation of any of these projects.

Our main focus through our broad network of suppliers is quality, cost and HSE. We put a lot of effort in generating a mutual trust with our clients and our main goal in every project is efficiency and profitability for our client. Therefore, we work transparently according to an “open book” principle, where there are no hidden costs and our clients have full access to the project accounts at all times.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a quick chat. We would love to be able to present who we are and what we can offer in a little more detail.

Latest news:

August 15th, 2020: For the Aker BP OCC project, our partner Magu Design has been nominated in the WIN Awards competition for one of the world’s six most innovative interior projects in the category «Corporate Offices». This is a prestigious and worldwide competition, and one of the most prestigious awards in the interior design industry.

July 7th, 2020: Gert Gill AS have signed a three year contract with Aker BP ASA regarding construction disciplines related to remodeling of their various office premises in Norway.


Vi søker dyktige prosjekt- og byggeledere!

Gert Gill AS skal gjennomføre nye større prosjekter og trenger flere dyktige medarbeidere.

Vi ser etter prosjekt/byggeledere med faglig god bakgrunn, gode samarbeidsevner og tverrfaglig forståelse innen bygg- og tekniske fag.
Vårt miljø skal være en attraktiv arbeidsplass med fokus på kompetanseutvikling og kunnskapsdeling, med stor faglig frihet og kreativitet i utvikling av prosjektene


The British International School of Stavanger will move to a new location at Misjonsmarka.
Gert Gill AS will assist with this process.

BISS Sentrum will be ready for when the
new school year starts in August 2021.
We look forward to getting started.

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